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The Story of Trine 4 The Night Prince

The story of Trine and her heroes; Amadeus, Zoya, and Pontius continued after four years of absence. Trine 4, The Nightmare Prince continues this fun story and improves the formula that was once set by the Frozenbyte team. In this fourth iteration, you seek to find and save prince Selius.

He was a young nobleman who had partly been exposed to dark forces due to his curiosity that was too great about magic. To save the prince, you must embark on an epic journey through vast and magical lands by solving puzzles, completing some tasks, and fighting the nightmares of the young prince.

As usual, in the Trine series, the main focus is on the various puzzles that will ultimately spend most of the time of each player. You have to use all three characters, so if you play alone, you have to change characters often. If you play co-op, which you can do locally or online with up to two friends, you can work together to achieve your goals.


The Story of Trine 4 The Night Prince

Amadeus, the magician, can bring up four different types of objects - a box, a board that can be used as a road or a bridge, a metal ball, and a bouncy ball. These objects can stick to several surfaces and they can also move freely using Amadeus' telekinetic capabilities.

It can also be connected by Zoya's rope to swing or stick to other surfaces to make bridges to walk. Zoya, besides being able to attach ropes to various surfaces and make bridges, has three different arrows that can be used: standard, fire, and ice arrows. 

Fire arrows are used to solve puzzles involving certain thermal pressure plates, and ice arrows are used to freeze the moving surfaces needed to stay in position so that the player can continue. Arrows are also used in battle and some enemies are weak against certain elements. Zoya is also the only character that can swing from metal circles and objects made by Amadeus.


Pontius is the muscle of this group, with three special abilities. He has a useful melee attack, a dash that allows him to destroy objects on a particular wall and a shield he can use to direct the beam of light.

That is something used when solving some Trine 4 puzzles later in the game, as well as to deflect projectiles, and drift. This game is very linear but there are many secret paths to discover if you explore the levels.

As the puzzle becomes more challenging, you will want to upgrade your character. You can do this by using the game currency. These are basically the orbs that you will find as you pass each level, with secret areas often giving you more. The main ability is not locked when you play, while some upgrades must be purchased in the Trine 4.