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AR Tilt Five, Board Games Advanced with Augmented Reality

AR Tilt Five is a new company in which their products let you play board games with augmented reality. In other words, when you play a board game, the interaction is still with physical objects such as cards or dice, but it is spiced up with 3D visualization.

This is a result of a canceled project that took place about six years ago. CastAR was a success on Kickstarter. However in 2017, the company that developed it went bankrupt after failing to receive series B funding from investors. Luckily the figure behind him did not give up.

CastAR is indeed bankrupt, but the small team is still struggling to buy back their assets that had liquidated. From there formed a new company called Tilt Five, and with it came a more perfect version of CastAR. The basic principle is still the same: Tilt Five is a glasses with augmented reality capability, only now the focus is devoted to tabletop gaming or board games.


AR Tilt Five, Board Games Advanced with Augmented Reality

The creator created Tilt Five as a result of a marriage between video games and board games. Like board games, players will interact with physical objects such as cards, dice, figurines and so on, but their experience is enhanced through 3D visualization in the style of video games, which are projected directly onto the playing mat on a table.

Tilt Five consists of three essential components: camera glasses and HD projectors connected via a USB cable to a PC or smartphone, a controller with the shape of a magic wand, and a play mat with a retro-reflective surface to display its 3D visualization.

In total there are two cameras embedded in Tilt Five glasses, one with head tracking technology, and another computer vision camera to detect objects on the table such as cards and dice, not to forget the two hands of each player. The tracking itself takes place passively thanks to the retro-reflective base, and the glasses offer a 110 ° field of view.


Interestingly, the physical AR Tilt Five is not much bigger than ordinary glasses. Its weight is only around 85 grams, and it can be used without involving any complicated straps, far different from what CastAR had previously offered. Even bespectacled users can still use Tilt Five by replacing their nose supports first.

Borrowed video game elements are not just 3D graphics, but also save game and multiplayer features. In multiplayer mode, what you see on the table will be exactly the same as that seen by other players in their respective residences.

For those who are interested, the cheapest sales package is valued at $ 299 on Kickstarter, and this includes glasses, a controller, a play mat, as well as a number of introductory game bonuses. The estimated delivery of goods of AR Tilt Five is scheduled for June 2020.