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5 Cats Breeds that Love to Swim

Ever wonder that there are cat’s breeds that love to swim? We all know that cats really hate water. In fact, just splashing water can make cats run away! However, this generalization is not entirely true, because there are several breeds of cats that are very fond of water. They also used to swim in the pool without any fear at all!
5 Cats Breeds that Love to Swim

Maine Coon Cat

Did you know that there are Maine Coon cats that are very fond of water? The Maine Coon is the largest-sized domestic cat breed. This cat can grow with a weight of 3.6-5.4 kg for females and 5.9-8.2 kg for males. Maine Coon likes to play in running water and swim in the pool to take a bath with its owner, explains the Maine Coon Expert page. Wow, there's no fear, huh!

Bengal Cat

Let's meet with cats from the Bengal race. It is said that this cat is the result of crossing from domestic cats, Asian leopard cats (Prionailurus bengalensis) and Egyptian Mau cats (Felis catus). Because of their fondness for water, they did not hesitate to plunge into the bathtub, pool or play water in the shower, said the Cat Time page.

American Bobtail

Next, there is a cat from the American Bobtail race. This cat is famous for its short and fat tail. The short tail is formed due to genetic mutations that occur naturally. That said, this cat originated from a cross between a domestic cat and a wild jungle cat. American Bobtail is known to love water. So, don't be surprised when you find this cat playing water in the bathtub!

Turkish Angora

Do you like long-haired cats? It would not hurt to keep cats from the Angora race of Turkey! This cat has long and thick fur. Its tail's fur is dense and makes it look elegant. Turkish Angora is very agile and energetic. Not infrequently, they climbed tall objects and 'perched' there to observe the activities of residents of the house. Besides, they are good swimmers!

Norwegian Bobcat

Do you like bushy cats? It's a good idea to consider raising a Norwegian bobcat. This cat has the ability to adapt to the typical cold climate of Norway. Its fur is equipped with a thick, waterproof coat to keep their bodies warm, explained the Adventure Cats page. No wonder this becomes one of the cat’s breeds that love to swim!

So, those are some of the cat’s breeds that love to swim! Don’t you think they are really cute? Gone are the generalizations that cats do not like to swim, because these breeds, among more cat breeds out there, do love to swim!