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How to Make Yourself Attractive According to Science

A lot of people are looking for ways on how to make yourself attractive. Appealing attractive is not a place to look for attention, but this is also important for the smooth interaction, smooth communication, and the success of your work performance.

How to Make Yourself Attractive According to Science

It can even make you happy because you will always be comfortable with yourself. This attractive appearance is not merely a matter of 'innate' from birth, but how we put ourselves in front of the crowd.

Be a Humorous person

Good looks or beauty can indeed make someone look more attractive. But lately, a lot of research that says that people who have a good sense of humor is far more interesting. But if it's humorous and can always make you laugh, which girl doesn't want to be happy?

Be careful too, if your joke turns out to be less funny it might actually make your confidence fade. Therefore, if you become a humorous person, don't be half-hearted, just go crazy! Confidence is also one of the ways to look more attractive!

Body Movement Matters

Another tip on how to make yourself attractive is to pay attention to your body's movements, and then you can deliberately cover it up. Keep an open posture to make your appearance look good. It shows that you are confident as well. In essence, don't over-worry about your appearance.

Always wear clothes that make you comfortable and confident, so you won't be inclined to cover up certain parts so people don't see them. This actually makes you even more unattractive. If you appear confident, you will actually be seen as a tough and attractive person.

Keep the Smile On

Spread a smile instead of spreading charm. Share happiness and positive things with others and you will instantly look attractive! Becoming a person who smiles often will make you more attractive. If you don't believe it, notice that a lot of people, while taking selfies, will pose with smiles on!

Just put on a smile and show how sincere you are as a person. Be yourself is one of the keys to this. Who would you be if you were not yourself? The most important thing is, to be honest with yourself, never force things you don't like to enter your life. If you are comfortable with yourself, that means you have found out how to make yourself attractive in the eyes of others.