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The New PlayStation 4 Pro Death Stranding Edition

Playstation 4 Pro comes with a unique and mysterious form. The console unit is black and white, while the DualShock 4 has a semi-transparent yellow color. PlayStation 4 (and its rival, Xbox One) has entered old age. Sony has confirmed the development of next-gen devices, and soon we will get acquainted with ‘PlayStation 5‘.

However, the Japanese company repeatedly stressed that now is the right time to play while continuing to introduce a limited version of their current generation products. A few months after announcing the PlayStation 4 edition of Days of Play 2019, Sony Interactive Entertainment unveiled PS4 Pro Death Stranding Limited Edition at the State of Play event yesterday.

This product is offered to anyone who is anticipating the launch of a new action game created by Hideo Kojima, very suitable for collectors and can also be a consideration for those who don't have PlayStation 4 at all.


The New PlayStation 4 Pro Death Stranding Edition

Sony explained how the design of the PS4 was inspired by the theme of the game. The console body carries a combination of matte white and black in the middle area. On the upper side, the design team put two black handprints, mysterious creatures that became antagonistic in the game.

Sony also included a text that reads "Death Stranding" gold on the front center. One of the most interesting things about PS4 Pro Death Stranding Limited Edition is the DualShock 4 controller that accompanies it. Its appearance looks contrasting with the console unit because this peripheral instead utilizes a semi-transparent yellow-orange body.

That includes branding ‘Death Stranding’ on the touchpad. His performance represented the Bridge Baby storage unit that accompanied the main character Sam played by actor Norman Reedus on his journey to reunite America.


Sony explained that PlayStation 4 Pro is the best device to enjoy Death Stranding. Connect to 4K television, and you will be presented with ultra-HD resolution content via the upscaling method. Then if by chance you only have an HD TV, the game can serve clearer images via super-sampling techniques.

Of course, Death Stranding also fully supports HDR features in order to present brighter and detailed visual output. The PS4 Death Stranding Limited Edition bundle is planned to be marketed first in the United States and Canada on November 8, 2019 - along with the moment of global game launch.

The product is priced at the same price as the standard PS4 Pro variant, which is US$ 400. Even so, there is a chance that the price will be higher when it arrives in Indonesia to measure out of the PlayStation 4 Pro limitation factor.