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7 Best Azan Apps for Accurate Praying Times

Best Azan Apps For Accurate Praying Times

Which best azan apps you can download for a long trip? Here are seven Islamic apps to recite azan correctly so you don’t need to skip a prayer.

Any Muslims with active lifestyle need azan apps that accurately inform them of praying times. The best azan apps quickly calculate the latitude and longitude of your current location before sounding the prayer call.

Knowing the accurate azan times will help you to conduct various religious obligations properly, even during a long trip.

Azan Apps

Various azan apps are available for free downloads, both for Android and iPhone. Here are seven apps you must consider for accurate prayer calls regardless of locations.

1. Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro is one of the best azan apps in the world, used by almost 80 million Muslims in various countries.  The app offers accurate prayer times in various cities. You can also listen to multiple azan voices, a feature available when you are in major cities. The prayer times appear in a simple interface, along with a graph that shows the sun’s position.

Looking for the right direction to Mecca? Muslim Pro has an animated compass and map that always show you the right prayer direction, regardless of location. The app also has complete Qur’an texts with audio reading, phonetic guide, and translation into various languages. Everyone who has a taste for high-quality recitations can choose between several voices of famous Qur’an reciters.

Muslim Pro has a collection of duas, lifestyle tips, daily inspiration, Ramazan calendar, and many other useful features. It is available for free download for iPhone and Android.

2. Athan Pro

Athan Pro is slightly more focused on prayer and Qur’an reading, with fewer features than Muslim Pro. It is ideal for users who want a lighter app without unnecessary features. The app provides accurate prayer times around the world, with information of nearby mosques (especially in major cities). The Qibla compass has a simple, easy-to-read feature.

Improve the way you pray by opening the Salah Learning feature, which shows the right way to perform daily prayers. Other features include the collection of Islamic invocations, news stories, alarm clock, and background themes. Athan Pro is available for free download for iPhone or Android.

3. Athan by HolyMoe

Athan by HolyMoe is a minimalist prayer app with simple interface. The azan and prayer times are displayed with very few details. You can see the duration before the next prayer, which makes it easier to adjust your activities. Everything is featured on one page, reducing the need for scrolling.

Athan also provides pages about azan calculation methods and adjustments. You can easily set up notifications or mute them when needed. Otherwise, the app doesn’t have too many functions.

Athan purely assists Muslims in catching up with prayer times, a perfect option for those who are mindful about their phone capacities. The app is compact and free of distractions, making it perfect for users trying to be more mindful.

Athan by HolyMoe is currently only available for iPhone. You can download it for free. 

4. Athan by Islamic Finder

Athan by Islamic Finder is one of the best azan apps if you look for all-in-one product. It offers features such as local daily prayer schedules and calculation for the next prayer time. Athan by Islamic Finder is also great for those trying hard to be more discipline in praying. The app has a “prayer goal” feature, encouraging the user to pray every day.

Athan by Islamic Finder also has Qur’an texts with recitations and English translations. Other features include a collection of duas, Islamic calendar events, and daily knowledge about Islam. The app is available for a free download from Google Play or Apple Store.

5. Sun & Moon

Certain people track the position of sun and moon to determine the accurate prayer time, especially in remote areas. Sun & Moon, an app created by Bernard Koenig, allows you to track the position and location of sun and moon during the day. You can see the accurate schedules of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and other similar events. 

Sun & Moon also provides other related info, such as the times of the golden hour, blue hour, lunar phase, and even weather forecast. This app is especially ideal for Muslims traveling to Northern Hemisphere (where the sky can be bright even at night during summer), or if they must stay at places with minimum mosque scenes.

Sun & Moon is currently only available for iPhone or iPad. You can choose a more complete premium option, although the free version already gives enough functions.

6. Islamuna

Islamuna offers a pleasant visual design that inserts basic information on one page. Once you install and set it up, it will inform the prayer time and the next one on top of the screen. Below it, you will see “Dua of the Day” complete with its Arabic text. The other features are available at the bottom in the forms of perfectly round icons.

Islamuna has Qur’an texts translated into nine languages, such as English, German, Urdu, Spanish, and Turkish. It also has a Qibla compass and Ramazan schedules. Learn more about Islam by reading the Hadith collection. A beautiful Qur’an recitation by Abdul Rehman Alsudais will accompany your daily commute or long trip.

Islamuna is available for a free download for Android and iPhone.

7. Muslim Athan by Islamic Pro Studio

Muslim Athan is an azan app equipped with live streaming broadcast from Mecca and Medina. The prayer and azan features are similar to typical azan apps, with quick audio turn off for the azan sound. You can also adjust the prayer and azan times with major cities all over the world.

The Mecca influence is also obvious in the app. The Qur’an recitation feature offers the beautiful voices of several famous reciters, such as Saad Ek Ghamidi, Adbdelbasset Abdessamad, or Omar Al Kazabri. The Qibla finder feature quickly adjust with your location to find the prayer direction. Don’t forget to find the nearby mosques when you are in a major city, anywhere around the world.

Muslim Athan is available for free download into Android or Windows phones.


The best azan apps give you the accurate prayer time reading whenever you are around the world. Choose the app that fits your needs the most, and embark in an active life without neglecting your religious obligations.