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5 Best Logistic Companies in Indonesia

Best Logistic Company in Indonesia

As you may have known, the logistics business operates to transport goods from one place to another for business purposes. It is a crucial part of the supply chain since the system responsible for keeping the flow of exchanging and sending things between an origin to its destination.

From a modern economics perspective, the term “logistics” means more. This term is often used to describe the management of time and information. Meanwhile, logistics companies in general terms are known as the providers of storage and shipping services.

According to Transparency Market Research's latest research, the total valuation of the global logistics market is estimated to reach USD 15.5 trillion in 2023 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 7.5% from 2016 to 2024.

However, these numbers may increase a bit in the future since most logistics companies in real life also handle various aspects of business, including packaging, shipping, managing supply chain, and even providing security.

As one of the largest archipelago countries in the world, Indonesia is desperately in need of a reliable logistics company. Fortunately, in the last decade, this business model has been flourishing, thanks to the rapid development of online business and communication technology.

Out of all the logistic company in Indonesia, here are the best in the current market:

1. Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE)

Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE) is arguably the most popular shipping service in Indonesia. This Indonesia logistic company celebrated its 29th anniversary this year. Thus, becoming one of the oldest logistics companies in the country.

JNE carries out its logistics errand through land, sea, and air delivery. Offering numerous services options across Indonesia, JNE provides an ideal logistic service for an archipelago country.

The company’s land transportation services are equipped with GPS tracking technology, with the Less Truck Load and Full Truck Load method of transporting.

In Indonesia, JNE is known to handle a massive amount of transactions from various e-commerce channels. Their service is favorable since the company has more than 6.000 active outlets across the country.

2. DHL

DHL is a giant logistics company from Germany which has been operating since the 60s. The company now operates in more than 200 countries. It has massive assets for its shipping service—420 units of cargo planes and 76.200 moving vehicles.

DHL Indonesia offers a variety of services, including express and international shipping. The logistic company also has implemented a modern shipping system via a web application called MyDHL+. This app allows you to make a credit card payment for international shipping and gives you a lot of perks, such as delivery label printing and automated scheduling for frequent shipping.

Moreover, since this company has a huge network of branches across the globe, DHL is known as a trusted logistics partner for importing various goods. 


TIKI is a company engaged in shipping services. Since established, TIKI has had a vision and mission as a trustworthy and professional service company in serving the needs of customers.

The TIKI branch is now spread in more than 500 representative offices throughout Indonesia. The company offers various types of shipping at affordable prices. As a logistic company in Indonesia, TIKI is definitely the biggest competitor of Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE).

Some of the most popular TIKI services are:

  • ECO Shipping: the cheapest shipping service with the lowest priority. Usually, the estimated shipping time required is 6-7 days.
  • ONS (Over Night Services) shipping: the most expensive type of shipping service. The delivery will only take 1 day.
  • SDS (Same Day Services) shipping: Your package will arrive on the same day. This service is similar to SDS, but the customers have to send the package in the morning so it can be delivered on the same day.

Furthermore, along with its rapid growth, TIKI has established multiple subsidiaries as part of the TIKI Group, namely TKS (Titipan Kilat Soeprapto), TIKITA (TIKI Wisata), and TIKINDO (TIKI Logistics).

4. CEVA Logistic

While CEVA Logistic “only” operates in 30 areas in Indonesia, the service is always in high demand. As one of the biggest supply chain companies in the world, the credibility of CEVA Logistic ensures that your logistic deeds will be done in no time!

CEVA Logistic offers various services, including air freight, secure contract logistics, ground delivery, ocean freight, and supply chain solution. The company tends to serve a particular chain of supply, such as medical goods, industrial materials, and automotive parts. Therefore, it mainly deals with big-shipment, not for individual use.

With $7 billion revenue last year, CEVA Logistic becomes a very successful logistics company on a global scale. Right now, the company has opened its branches in more than 160 countries, including Indonesia.

5. Panalpina

Panalpina is a Swiss-based forwarding and logistics service provider specializing in air and sea transportation. The company operates in more than 500 branches across 80 countries, including Indonesia.

This company employs around 15.000 people worldwide. The headquarter of Panalpina is located at Hedehusene, Denmark, since the company has been acquired by the Danish company, DSV.

Although the service is limited, Panalpina’s business in Indonesia grows quite fast. In fact, there are lots of global shipping involving this major logistics company for the last few years. Looking at its growth, we can ensure that the company will thrive as one of the best logistic companies in Indonesia.


Finally, along with the increased global trade in developing countries, infrastructure advancements, and transportation technology advancements, there are multiple factors that play a vital role to influence the global logistics market.

Geographically, the Asia Pacific, including Indonesia has a huge share for the global logistics market due to the massive amount of logistic traffics among its countries.

As the logistic business flows swiftly together with the modern economic ecosystems, the use of logistics services in various sectors such as manufacturing, retail, trade to banking significantly increases. This makes the emergence of new logistics companies is inevitable, especially when the existing ones are not capable of handling the big demand coming in the near future.