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Best Startup Ideas with Low Investment

Best Startup Ideas with Low Investment

After working full-time for years to decades, people often seek ways to create their own business. Whether it is a side-business or a full-time one, it gives a rewarding feeling to build something and make an impact on self and society. You can do this too at a low cost! Using the right strategy, you can create your own startup with low investment. So, how exactly do you know if your business is a startup or not? 

A startup means the business has been around for less than 3 years and have less than 20 employees. The income shouldn't be more than $100,000 per year. Usually, startup operates through a website, which means the usage of the digital world is maximized. This way, the work of a startup business is considered smart; focusing more on strategy and impacting a wider target, from nation-wide to global market. So, here are the best startup with low investment ideas for you to try right away!

1. Online Course

Everybody has something to teach, and we believe that you do too. The thing about an online course is, no matter how niche your skill is, somebody is looking for ways on how to do it. The medium that you can use is a lot; e-books, blogs, website, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and so much more. For example, if you are good in English, you can start recording your lessons and teach it. 

After recording your lesson, you will need somewhere you can post it. A website makes your courses look legit. There are website makers that let you do this easily. Some of these are even created solely for the purpose of helping online teachers. However, if you don’t feel like you are ready yet for posting online videos, you can simply start by making blogs to sell e-books. It’s pretty much the same thing, and you can use those e-books as scripts for your future videos as well!

2. Virtual Assistant

Assistants are vital when it comes to growing a business. So, why not make another business out of it? There are a lot of things that an assistant can do, and some can be done online. So, the virtual assistant has been rising in terms of job prospect. What exactly does virtual assistant do? From admin stuff to project management, the job description can vary depending on the client.

You can start by promoting yourself as a virtual assistant. Offer to do things like data entry, meeting management, travel arrangement, social media management, email management and so much more! Basically, you will be helping your client to do their jobs, so they will expect that you can handle variety of tasks. The future prospect is that you can have your own list of virtual assistant and bridging them towards those clients.

3. Career Coaching

There are tons of fresh grads every year, and each and every one of them is new to careers. Some probably still have no idea what they want and need to do next. Well, even those who have worked for years may be questioning their career path. This is where career coach can help them! Make their journey of tackling the tough job market with the right path. 

There is a misconception when it comes to career coaching; people expect that the jobs will come to them magically. If you become a career coach, you need to know that the expectation is impossible for you to promise. Instead, you will help them gaining confidence as well as insights on how their career paths should be. In addition to that, you will also encourage them in a way that they won’t feel stuck in their career. The job is to help them go through the phase; not find a job for them.

4. Digital Marketing Consultant

Everything is turning into digital nowadays, therefore the old ways of marketing may soon be obsolete. This is why businesses are seeking digital marketing specialists to help them promote the brand. The skills that you need to become digital marketing is different from the traditional, offline ones. You will need to learn about blogs, website, social media, search engine, mobile marketing, and so on.

Basically, you need to learn how things work around digital media. There are a lot of online courses as well as certifications that you can take to level up your digital marketing skills. Because the digital world keeps changing, don’t worry about starting it now. Even the current digital marketers still need to learn and keep up with the new ways of digital marketing.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever downloaded a new app, then is given a referral code to share it with your friends? That’s called affiliate marketing. So, how can you turn this into an actual business? The most basic one is to create your own blog. You can contact businesses that want their brands to be promoted, put the affiliate links on your blog, and you will get a commission for every conversion made through your links.

If your blog performs well, you can even bargain to the businesses to give you special discounts to attract more of your viewers to buy the items from your links. You can even create a website that focuses solely on giving discounts. This way, your blog visitors are there to actually make a purchase; that is why they are seeking for a discount code in the first place.

From all the ideas above, you can see how the digital world has eased us to create brand new businesses from our own computers. Basically, startup means a new business or a company that hasn't been operating for long enough. This means that the company is still developing, seeking for the right target and plan in the market. 

However, with the rising of technology, a lot of startups use technology as their main strength. This has created a sense that a startup needs to be tech-based. Who knows, maybe you can start creating one of these ideas as soon as possible! However, keep in mind that starting a startup with low investment, however low cost it may be, will take pretty much a lot of your time and energy. So, be ready to devote them all and create a brand new startup!