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Tips to Improve the Work of Instagram Sponsored Ads

How do Sponsored Ads Work on Instagram

Business owners and marketers can no longer ignore Instagram. Despite being younger than Facebook, Instagram’s visual-based concept has quickly become a strong weapon in generating leads. Understanding how do sponsored ads work on Instagram will take you ahead of your competitors, especially if you are starting a new business.

Strategies to Create Effective Instagram Ads

Now that you know the basics, here are several ways to improve the result of your Instagram sponsored posts.

1. Post at the Right Time

Have you noticed that some of your Instagram posts get more engagements when posted on a specific day and time? According to infographics by CoSchedule, Friday is the best time to post on Instagram, because it is the last “active” day before the weekend comes. Lunch hours and afternoon break (between 3.00pm and 4.00pm) are the best times to post during the day.

2. Understand Your Demographics

Instagram ad setting has an option to determine your audiences, so make sure you utilize this feature. Think about the possible buyers of your products, or people who are likely to be interested. Are they married? Students? Parents? Do they live in specific cities or countries? How old is the age range? What are their educational and career backgrounds?

By determining the exact demographics of your products, you can create sponsored posts that cater to them. You can also make a more specific bid when creating sponsored posts on Instagram.

3. Use Hashtags the Right Way

Using the most popular hashtag is not the right strategy to post Instagram sponsored ads. Because so many people use that popular hashtag, your ads are at risk of getting drowned and unseen. Choosing a more specific hashtag with moderate amounts of use is a better strategy. 

For example, if you make a sponsored post about foster cats in Los Angeles, try using hashtags “foster cats” and “foster cat LA” instead of just “cats.” You can also use Instagram’s search bar to check the numbers of related hashtags.

4. Be Honest about Hashtags

Many people use trending hashtags to promote their stuff. However, capitalizing on an unrelated trend can backfire. Customers are savvier than ever, and they are quick to call a brand out for using unrelated hashtags. Don’t force yourself to use a trending hashtag if it doesn’t fit your marketing campaign.

Certain hashtags that look innocent can also trend because of horrible situations, such as a tragedy, accident, or death of a public figure. Be careful when using a trending hashtag for a marketing purpose to avoid PR disaster.

5. Use Engaging Images

Instagram is visual-based, so you must put all efforts into creating a captivating image. Take pictures using high-quality photography techniques. Use free apps to create creative images, such as VSCO, Wordswag, and Typorama. Some apps require payments, but most of them are cheap, such as Enlight and Afterlight.

6. Use Creative Videos

Instagram video ads are great tools to create new engagements and build a customer base. The simplest videos consist of a slideshow with all your existing photos. Otherwise, create a creative video ad. One of the most shareable ad concepts is a storytelling content, where a short video promotes a product or service through an engaging story.

7. Add “Personality” in Each Post

Customers nowadays are indifferent about posts that promote stuff without touching their emotional sides. You can insert certain personality and emotion in every sponsored post to attract the buzz. In short, the ad should be able to attract the feeling of amusement, wonder, admiration, or adoration.

8. Create Contest and Giveaway

Sponsored posts about contests and giveaways will attract a lot of buzz, especially if you are already established enough. You can use this post to promote new products by turning them into the prizes. However, you must convince Instagram users that your prizes are worth their time, even if they are free.

These common strategies are easy, but they can bring significant results and improve your Instagram marketing game.

Instagram Tools to Improve Sponsored Posts

One of the points in the previous list is the use of tools. Many Instagram marketing tools are free or very cheap, and they are great investments even for new business owners. Here are several tools you can use to improve the work of Instagram sponsored ads.


Later is a free app that provides an easy post calendar that allows you to create a planned visual for the business Instagram account. You can create and schedule a post, and even post in real-time if necessary. Later is also available for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.


SocialRank is an important growth tool to have if you are trying to foster brand recognition and influences. SocialRank shows the numbers of followers and accounts you follow. You can also see the performance of your account based on the other similar accounts. SocialRank is free and should be your first growth tool.

Typorama and Over

These two free tools allow you to create creative combinations between images and texts. They function like Canva for Instagram users, allowing you to make creative, strong images for sponsored posts.


Crowdfire is a free tool that not only schedules your posts but also provides customized suggestions to create better posts. Crowdfire can even suggest images that fit your posts and customize multiple drafts.


Enlight is a photo editor app that allows you to make creative images. For example, you can create a composite image or photos with unique backgrounds. You can use this tool if you don’t have enough money to hire professional photographers or designers. Enlight costs around USD3.99.


Hootsuite allows you to see and manage likes, comments, posts, and reposts from one interface. This tool is useful to observe the growth of your business account and analyze the engagement factors. Hootsuite costs around USD19 per user.

These tools are great starters for beginner business owners. You can explore wider range of paid tools after gaining more customers and earning profits.


Every marketer needs proper strategies to improve the effectiveness of Instagram ads. Knowing how do sponsored ads work on Instagram will bring your business to the height you never expect before. Use advertising strategies and Instagram tools to improve engagements and popularity of your ads.