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How to Improve Virtual Meetings More Interactive

How to Improve Virtual Meetings More Interactive

Virtual meetings become something usual today. It's very effective to make a conference with many people without gathering in one place. Meanwhile, it also allows you to make a high-quality meeting with people in a different place or even a different country. Then, if you want to make a virtual meeting, you need to make the best coordination and know how to improve virtual meetings.

What is Virtual Meeting?

A virtual meeting is a conference or meeting that using a video call. So, you can discuss many things with people in a different office. Whereas, virtual meetings are not only be used for business activities. But, a student in the school also can use this method if necessary.

Tips about How to Improve Virtual Meeting

Making a virtual meeting sometimes needs some times for preparing for virtual meetings. In order to make your virtual meeting become a successful meeting, you have to pay attention to the tips about how to improve virtual meetings:

1. Prepare for the Social Time

The first tip about how to improve virtual meetings is providing social Time. You can let the members of the meeting talk about something interesting before you start to discuss business. As you know, the social time will make the formal discussion feel more comfortable.

You can talk and give an opportunity to all of the team members to introduce them. Create a fun opening, and make sure all the team members feel relaxed.

When you want to start the formal discussion, you also need to give information about the rules. It will make all members know what they have to do during the virtual meeting.

2. Choose the Member That Should Talk

The virtual meeting usually uses a video call application. As we know, virtual is better than audio meetings. You can make real conversation because all members can see the speaker. As the leader of the virtual meeting, you should make sure that the speaker feels comfortable talking to all members.

In this chance, you have an opportunity to choose the speaker and who does not have a chance to speak. All of the members should understand the rules, so the virtual meeting will be a success. Try to make the discussion like a real discussion in the office.

3. Choose Correct Application

There are many platforms or applications that you can use for virtual meetings. Most people like to use the zoom application or maybe use Skype. On the other hand, these applications can be used by us as best practices for virtual team meetings. One of the best applications is Zoom. Why? It is because the Zoom application allows many people to make a virtual meeting at one time.

Before you start to make the virtual meeting, give information to all the members to install the application. If there is someone who still does not understand how to use the application, you can give the tutorial or train them. Many people have known the way to install and use this application because it is very easy to use.

4. The Internet Connection

The preparation for internet connection also becomes an important thing. Firstly, you need to prepare for your own internet connection. If you are the leader of the virtual meeting, you should make sure that the internet connection is always stable. 

And also, you can remind all the members to prepare an internet connection especially when you make the invitation.

If the internet connection has a problem, it will make the virtual meeting working unsuccessfully. Then, fix the problem immediately because it is very influencing the meeting.

5. Inform About the Rules Clearly

Before you start the virtual meeting, inform all the members about the rules. It will help all the members to know what they have to do during the meeting. 

If you do not give information about the rules, the member may feel confused. And, they don’t know when they should be silent or when they should speak.

For instance, if you want the members to keep their phone in silent mode, you should tell them about it. You have to know what the rule is for all the virtual meeting members. If it is necessary, you can write it on your book note.

6. Arrange the Agenda

A virtual meeting is very simple because you do not need to prepare the place but you still need to arrange the agenda clearly. You need to write down a clear agenda and you can read it to the audience. You should write something that will be discussed in the virtual meeting.

Clear agenda will guide you to lead the meeting easily. Write the agenda and don't forget to mention the time and duration. 

7. Give Chance to the Member to Speak

In the virtual meeting, the leaders should know how to improve virtual meetings and the way to manage someone that gets the chance to speak. It will be difficult if you want to ask the member to speak without any facilities from the application.

If you choose the correct application, you will never feel confused to choose the next speaker. Many people like to use the Zoom application because there is an option. You can use the hand rising option that will help the leader to organize people who want to give a response to the virtual meeting.

8. Engage All Members

The other important thing when you want to make a virtual meeting, you should make sure that all of the members are engaged. Don't let the other only become the audience without having the chance to speak.

If there is a team member that does not give a response, you should try to find them and ask them to be more active. The contribution of all members is very important to make virtual meetings get the best conclusion.

9. Write the Important Points

The last tip about how to make virtual meetings more interactive is writing the important points from the meeting. 

You can tell all the members to prepare the book and pen, so they can write something important. As the leader, you should give examples and remind the member to follow what you do.

All of the tips about how to improve virtual meetings above will help you to make the virtual meeting become a success. You should be smart and make sure that all members are engaged. 

Just follow the tips about how to improve virtual meetings because you need to prepare anything for the success of formal virtual meeting.