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How to Play Youtube in Background (iPhone and Android)

how to play youtube in background iphone

How to Play YouTube in Background - Can youtube play in the background? Of course, it is possible, but there is a special treatment to make it happen.

Playing youtube videos in the background is very easy to do, but many don't know it. Can prove it from the number of people looking for the keyword how to have youtube play in background iphone & Android on Google.

Youtube is currently one of the applications often used by Indonesia and the world; even YouTube is predicted to be a substitute for TV one day. However, the role of TV still cannot be replaced until now; maybe in the next few years, YouTube can be more than TV.

Why is TV replaceable? Just look at today's many young people who prefer to watch YouTube than TV. Including the one who wrote this article, too, hehe.

Now YouTube is one of the most popular applications for mobile phone users globally. One of them is because YouTube has excellent content and is easily accessible anytime and anywhere.

For example, when you want to hear a song or watch a cooking show. With YouTube, you need to open the YouTube app, search for content in search, and you'll find it right away.

In contrast to TV, the content is scheduled, contrary to today's humans who want anything easy and not complicated.

With all the conveniences, it doesn't mean that YouTube has no weaknesses, and one of them is not playing youtube videos in the background.

So the video will continue to play if you keep the YouTube application open. If you exit to open another application, the video will automatically stop.

Of course, those who like to play songs on YouTube while opening other applications will find it very difficult.

But don't worry, guys, you will be able to play youtube in the background in the way we provide. So you can do other activities such as chat on Whatsapp or operate other applications. Well, here's how to get youtube to play in the background iphone Android.

How to Play YouTube in Background iPhone and Android

There are two types of YouTube video playing in the background, which we will discuss in this article: paid and free. Of course, if you only want to play YouTube, you can easily open other applications and use the paid ones. But if the funds are tight, use the free one, haha.

Subscribe to Youtube Premium (Android and iOS)

how to have youtube play in background iphone

Indeed you often see premium youtube ads on youtube, right? YouTube Premium is a paid video service from YouTube. On YouTube Premium, you will be served a variety of exclusive content that can only be enjoyed by those who subscribe. With various exclusive content that can only be appreciated by those who subscribe.

One of the features of youtube premium is playing youtube outside the application. The price for a premium youtube subscription is quite affordable. When this article was posted, the cost to subscribe to youtube premium was Rp. 59,000 per month.

If you want to know how to play youtube in background android & iPhone, one way is to subscribe to YouTube Premium. In addition, the features provided are free from ads and can download songs.

How to Play YouTube in the Background Android

How to play YouTube videos in background for free. You need to use the chrome and firefox applications then follow these steps:

1. Open Youtube In Browser

You open YouTube with the browser you are using. Usually, all cellphones already have a chrome or firefox application, but if you don't have one, you can download it on the google play store.

2. Change Version To Desktop View

In this step, you require changing the cellphone's appearance to be like on a computer or laptop. How to change it: select the tab menu or three dots in the upper right corner, select the desktop site, and then the video will automatically stop, now you play the playlist again.

3. Select the video you want to listen to

You are looking for the video you want to play. A few tips, if you're going to listen to songs for a very long time, you can create a playlist containing the songs or videos you want to hear. After finding the playlist, you play the video.

4. Exit Browser With Home Button

The next step is to exit the browser; you are using the home button, and do not use the back button.

5. Play Video On Notification

After exiting, your video will automatically stop. To play it, press the play button on the notification menu. You are free to open any application and are ready for other activities.

How to Make YouTube Play in the Background iPhone

how to get youtube to play in the background iphone how to play youtube videos in background how to play youtube in background android how to make youtube play in the background iphone

Playing YouTube in the iPhone background can be done using the Opera Mini application. For a complete process, please refer to the following method:

  1. Open opera mini browser to go to the youtube site.
  2. Find the video you want to play.
  3. Open Action Center by swiping up on the home screen.
  4. Bring up the music player by swiping left.
  5. You will see the youtube video you want to play in the action center. To play it, press the play button.

How to Get YouTube to Play in the Background Android (Xiaomi/Redmi & Poco Cellphones)

This way for YouTube to run in the background is very easy to do or very simple because it doesn't require any form of application, such as Youtube Mod, Vanced, etc.

This method can also work on Android phones that are the same parent as Xiaomi, namely the Poco brand; here's how to play youtube video in background:

  • First, you open the settings on your Xiaomi/Redmi cellphone.
  • Type in the word Special Features (HP settings in English) or special features (Mobile settings in Indonesian), then select special features with logos such as jars.
how to play youtube in background android
  • Later you will be faced with the contents of the unique features. Here, you select the Video Toolbox (in Indonesian or Video Toolbox (in English).
how to get youtube to play in the background
  • Then select manage video apps/manage video apps.
how to play youtube in background android 2022
  • Later, you will face various applications already installed on your smartphone. Here you select the Youtube application.

We will try to practice youtube that can be played in the background on the youtube application.

  • You open the youtube application (or youtube music can also) on your gadget.
  • Select the YouTube song/video you want to hear or watch.
  • Well, later, you will find a fine white line. Usually located in the lower-left corner of the video (short youtube video position) or the upper left corner of the video (enlarged youtube video). (Note: I've tried to screenshot, but the line is hard to catch because it's transparent HAHA..)
  • After you find the line, you swipe/slide to the right. Later, unique features of this Xiaomi cellphone will appear, such as record, screenshot, projection, etc.
how to play youtube in the background on android
  • Just choose the feature to play the video with the screen off or play a video off.
  • Your cellphone will automatically turn off the screen, but the YouTube video/song you played won't stop (the sound still heard).
  • If the sound is not heard, try this method again from the beginning. That's because I've had a bug and when I started from scratch, listening to youtube music in the background still worked.

Note: here I am using the Redmi Note 10. For other Xiaomi/Redmi versions, there should already be this unique feature.

How to Play Youtube Music in Android Background With Split Screen (Android)

Playing youtube music in the background using the split-screen spec on an Android phone is very powerful and used by many people.

Playing youtube in the background can be applied to all Android devices such as Oppo, Samsung, Vivo, Realme, especially Redmi/Xioami, which I will use as a pilot.

Apart from Redmi/Xiaomi, there may be a slight change in the method, because in general, today's Android gadgets are usually equipped with a split-screen feature.

Here's how to play youtube in the android background with a split-screen on a Xiaomi cellphone:

  • Open the settings on your cellphone first.
  • Like the tutorial for the Xiaomi/Redmi YouTube background explained earlier, you look for the split-screen feature through the search field.
how to play youtube in background ipad
  • Select the Open Split Screen feature or open split-screen.
  • Well, here, you are free to choose how to activate the split-screen feature on your Xiaomi cellphone. I would select long-press the back button.
how to get youtube to play in the background android
  • Open your youtube application and open another application again.
  • Later by itself, your cellphone screen will split into two. Even here, you can play youtube in the background of your cellphone while opening the youtube application while opening other applications.
how to play a youtube video in the background

The steps on making YouTube music run in the background are also the preferences of friends who want to play YouTube Music to be free. Because if you're going to run YouTube music in the background, you have to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium first.


That's How to Play YouTube in Background without Downloading an application so that your videos can still be heard even if you open other applications; you can even play games. In addition to playing YouTube in the background, you can also download YouTube videos at specific minutes. This method is useful for videos that have a long duration, thus saving your quota and time.


Playing YouTube songs in the background is not recommended for those of you who use YouTube's special quota. Reportedly, when playing YouTube in the browser, the quota used is the regular quota, and the YouTube special quota is only valid on the YouTube application.